Racism in Hawaii

I’ve lived on the island of Maui for about 29 months now, and I personally have not experienced any racism.  I am white, or haole, by the way.  If you respect the locals, especially their culture and land, they will respect you.

Online comments tell a different story.  Occasionally, stories will appear on the Facebook pages of MauiNews.com or MauiNow.com and the closet racists will come out.  When people are able to hide behind their computers, they show their true colors.

The term “haole” can be racist itself, depending on how it is used.  In general, it is used mostly to describe white folks, just like the term “white” is used on the mainland.  But toss in the term “fucking” before it and you have the equivalent of the “n word”.

I’m not sure why these folks hate whites.  I guess it is a result of the United States overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii back in 1893, which is understandable I suppose, but that was a time before anyone alive today was even born.  I had nothing to do with that!  Something else I don’t get is most everyone here, if not white, is “hapa” or biracial.  There are only a handful of 100% true Hawaiians remaining.  How can you hate white folks when you are part white yourself?




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